I’ve been collecting for about 12 years and got interested in making my own bars after meeting Archie Kidd and having many conversations with him. Archie was a great asset to the Silver Art Bar world and I miss him. We talked about it for two years and I would send him drawings to look at and I finally decided to go ahead and make my first bar. It was the “EVEN NATURE KNOWS” bar. From there I just picked a subject I liked and ran with it. I make some copper and antique bronze bars for key rings and refrigerator magnets before I cancel the die. I only make from 150 to 250 Silver bars max and 20 canceled bars. All of the bars I make have some personal meaning to me. For example the “WAKE UP AMERICA” bar came from me trying to hire two men in a Home Depot parking lot and getting arrested by the Phoenix Police for trying to hire an Illegal. I ask the cop if he knew they were Illegals and he said yes. I said I do not know they are Illegal why do you not go arrest them? That is when the fight started.

All of my work goes under the name “CRAFTS by DOTY” I have been using that LOGO for 45 years with all of the different craft work I do.
As of now no new bars, but I have two ideas in mind for new bars. I am 71 years old retired and working harder than when I had a regular job.

Bill Doty

Bill produces beautiful bars with low mintages. These bars are not only collectable but are very desirable as an investment and will continue to go up in value. To view Bill’s bar visit our Blue Book at http://research.silverartbars.com/ad-category/puream/cbd/. If you are interested in purchasing Bill’s bar you can contact him at the following address:


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