Art Bars and Art Rounds the Undiscovered Investment

When investing in today’s market there are very few investments that provide a limited source of supply, art bars and art rounds are one of those investments. With production mintages as low as 10 to 15 bars or rounds produced the miniature pieces of art are relativity undiscovered investment with great potential for growth. Bars and rounds, such as those offered from the CGM Mint are produced in such limited quantities that the selling low price is not representative of the future value.

Using the CMG Mint as an example, art bars are produced with limited quantities, such as a 15 bar run with serial numbers, or a 10 bar run of the same bar that is canceled, or an enameled issue with a 20 bar run as a few examples. These factors make the bars not only highly collectible but are a driving factor in guaranteeing a great return on your investment.

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