Ceeco Birthday Bars

The Ceeco Mint produced an enameled birthday bar starting in 1973 for the months of October, November, and December. The 1973 bars are all horizontal; the 1974 bars are all vertical. The bars are available for sale through various sites so it is possible to collect all 15 bars, it will take time to collect them all. I was able to collect 14 out of 15 within a two year period, the 15th bar was not so easy to find, after purchasing the first 14 bars there was a seven year span before I found the 15th bar, the September 1974 Aster bar. To see the complete collection of the Ceeco birthday bar set visit the Ceeco Mint listings under out SilverArtBars Blue Book – http://research.silverartbars.com/ad-category/puream/ceec/

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