Christopher Geiner – Owner of the CMG Mint

Well I got my first silver bar when I was 10. My dad bought me a 1970 Pontiac GTO silver bar at a local coin show. I was hooked from then on. I would save my money from chores and even my lunch money for school. I started to collect silver bars when silver was $4.25. I really didn’t know of all the art bars at the time because you just hadn’t seen them at local shows so I would buy plain bars such as sunshine mine and Engelhard. Then I found the Silvertowne bars and started to buy them. Eventually I was looking on eBay and started to see bars with nice artwork on them so I sold off all my plain silver and coins and started buying art bars that fascinated me. I’ve been collecting seriously since 2006.

In 2011 -2012 I had the Rainbow Mint mint some bars that I had visions of. Just wasn’t satisfied as I needed a pressed bar. In early 2012 I started my own mint “CMG Mint”. I missed the more creative and various themed bars that the 1970’s-1980’s produced. I wanted to bring that back but in my own way, which was by creating designs that I would of liked to see on silver art bars and at the same time seem like it’s from the past. Nobody is really minting the art bars anymore. Silvertowne is mainly doing special occasion bars. These are very low mintage bars. Some of the rarest ever made as a regular strike issue. I always liked Duane Spellmans Mints enameled bars. Love the clear coat over the top and my enameled bars resemble that style. I hand pick each color so that I’m sure to be satisfied with the end product

The CNG Mint is a leader in today’s art bar market, producing low mintage desired art bars. The bars are not only desirable but highly collectable. Limited mintage, serial numbers and multiple mental versions of the bars gives the collector a complete set of rare bars that will grow in value starting from day one. See CMG Mints latest listings at

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