EMV – Estimated Market Value

The Estimated Market Value is a tool you can use to determine a fair price for buying and selling your silver. Not an exact price, the EMV provides an estimated buy price or sell price.

How is the EMV determined? The EMV uses a number of factors to determine the rarity of the art bar or art round. Factors include but not limited to, mintage, pre/post 1980, a serial number, enamel, is the bar or round canceled, is the bar or round gold plated part of a set? Each factor is assigned a point value; the point value is assigned a factor multiple. A rarity value in dollars is assigned to the bar or round (+$$). The calculation; spot price * factor multiple + rarity = EMV.

Sounds complicated? Not so, you can use the listed EMV to determine your value simply by substituting the spot price. Here’s how you do it.

If your bar or round is listed under our Blue Book with the following EMV: EMV2 +14 with a listing value of $61.07 and the listing spot price is $32.24. The current spot price for today is $42.19. Take the difference between the listing spot price and today’s spot price to calculate the +/- value you will use to determine the current EMV.

Listing spot = $32.24, Today’s Spot = $42.19, Difference = $9.95

So today’s EMV is $61.07 + $9.95 =$71.02 or Blue Book listing price ($61.07) + difference in spot value ($9.95) = The new EMV ($71.02).

If you are unsure of how to calculate the EMV or the bar or round you are pricing is not listed on the Blue Book contact us and we will calculate the EMV for you.

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Silver And The Shift To Measuring Wealth In Ounces Instead Of Dollars

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Silver And The Shift To Measuring Wealth In Ounces Instead Of Dollars
By Hubert Moolman
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Feb  2 2012 11:16AM



The debt-based monetary system
creates an  illusion of wealth. It allows for claims on real goods to
significantly exceed  the actual amount of real goods. You then have a
number of people believing they have wealth, since  they have claims
(pieces of paper or tokens) showing that they have these real assets,
whereas, in reality, if  everyone was to claim the real goods, there
would not be enough to go around.

The high debt levels, in some way,  represent the
extent to which there are more claims than the actual underlying  real

During the period of credit extension –  that has
been for at least 80 years – most businesses are set up to take
advantage of this system. The system allows for an easier way to
increase  wealth (illusionary), since only claims on real assets need to
be increased,  instead of the actual real assets.

As you come to the end of the credit  extension
cycle, most businesses are dependent on this credit extension, either
directly or indirectly. When the debts become too heavy to bear (no one
knows  the day or the hour, but there are signs), the debt bubble will
burst, and over  time eliminate all those business opportunities brought
about by the debt-based  system, as well as the businesses dependent on

When this process reverses, there is little
opportunity to trade the claim on an asset instead of the actual asset,
and  also few opportunities to increase the amount of real assets.
Furthermore,  instead of measuring wealth in terms of claims on real
assets (as is now the  case), people are more likely to measure wealth
in terms of real assets,  especially gold.

Today, after a consistent period of credit
extension, we have exactly the situation where most businesses are
dependent on  the debt-based monetary system. I believe we are moving
past the point, where  any benefit can be achieved from credit
extension; therefore, we have the ideal  set up for a massive collapse
in the world economy.

The increase in the gold price, in real  terms, is
the clearest signal that it is becoming more and more difficult to
increase real wealth (wealth in gold ounces). It will become even more
difficult as the economic decline sets in; eliminating businesses very
dependent  on the debt-based monetary system. Financial institutions
like banks would be  at the top of this list, but will not be the only

The shift from measuring wealth in terms of  paper
claims (dollars) to gold ounces, and the limited means to increase gold
ounces, will change the business and investment world significantly,
and will  create a massive rush into those opportunities that increase
gold ounces. The  shift is already evident, with some countries possibly
trading oil for gold.

Currently, in my opinion, silver bullion  and gold
miners present some of the best opportunities to increase the amount  of
real wealth as measured in gold ounces.

Both, silver bullion and gold miners are  still
trading lower or at its 1980 high, and also at relatively historic lows
against gold. Silver offers the best opportunity, at the moment, since
it offers  less risk than shares in gold miners. However, as the
gold/silver ratio falls  (which is expected), gold miners will become
more and more attractive.

Silver  Chart Update:

Below, is a 6 year silver chart:


Silver is making its intention to pass the  $50
level clear. It is continuing in a pattern similar to gold did, before
it  cleared its 1980 high (see here).
The next important obstacle is to get out of the flag (at about $35
currently).  If it continues the pattern that gold made, then it will
blast past $50.

For more guidance on silver and gold miners,  I have prepared a Long-term Silver Fractal Report, as well as a Gold Mining  Fractal Analysis Report. You are also welcome to consider subscribing to my  free newsletter at my website

Warm  regards and God bless,


Hubert Moolman




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What’s my silver worth in today’s market?

Silver is a commodity and like any commodity the price is market driven. Industrial demand, monetary demand, economic conditions are some of the factors that determine the market price of silver or otherwise known as the spot price of silver. To see the current spot price, click on the spot price links under our General Info section of the web site.

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Welcome to the Silver Art Bars blog

Welcome and we’re glad you’re here. Silver Art Bars staff are working around the clock to make SilverArtBars.com your one stop for all things silver. Whether you are an established collector, or just beginning to invest in silver, we will be able to help you with your collection.  Browse around and check out the current research database, check out our updated guides on buying and selling, and get ready for the launch of our market place where you can connect with other silver collectors without the huge overhead of auction sites.

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